phoenix alchemy

One-to-One Executive Coaching

Focus Questions

  • Are you finding that your leadership approach and personal impact are at odds with your intended results?
  • Are you facing the challenges of the transition to a new and/or more senior role?
  • Are you at a crossroads in your career and not sure of your next move?
  • Do you have internal coaches in your organisation and you are looking to facilitate their practice development and thereby provide quality assurance for your internal coaching service?

If your answer is YES to any of the questions above, then please contact us to arrange a free trial coaching session.

Benefits to you of doing coaching with Phoenix Alchemy Limited

  • Getting to the core of the challenges you face and coming up with ways of handling them more effectively.
  • Re-framing challenges so that you can see them in terms of opportunities and possibilities and thus feeling more energised and enabled in your role.
  • Developing insights into your behaviour drivers when you are under pressure. This awareness gives you the option of making different, more positive choices in the future.
  • Helping with transition process in cases where you have recently taken up a new role. Equally coaching can be used to help you to prepare for an upcoming role change.
  • New ideas and approaches for handling difficult situations with colleagues and / or key stakeholders.
  • Opportunity to try out and test out new skills via role playing within the safe learning environment of the coaching sessions.