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A very good friend of mine recommended Peter to me for coaching. I’m so grateful that she did. When I met Peter, I recognised his great ability to put me at my ease and explore what exactly I wanted from my life. In essence, he enabled me to remove the debris, so to speak, that stood between me and my true place in the world. My life has changed irreversibly since. I’ve found the real ‘Claire’ who confronted her fears and stopped ‘playing small’. Peter Mohan is a great human being and I feel lucky to have met him! Thanks Peter! — Claire

At ITC Group we wanted to make a real difference to performance levels and how performance was managed. We wanted our managers and team leaders to understand coaching and to have practical coaching skills that could impact immediately. Peter Mohan implemented this work across a team of twenty managers over three months and the impact has been very positive. We believe we are more effective performance managers as a result of this work and the very skilled and careful facilitation and tutorship of Peter – clearly a master of his trade! — Managing Director, ITC Group

I first met Peter on an Influencing Workshop that he was running. Whilst the content was excellent and I clearly left the workshop better equipped than when I started what impressed me most was Peter’s delivery of the subject. He brought the subject to a new level by showing humility, listening, engaging with us all and challenging our beliefs. Without doubt he created a passion within us all on that course to change the way we did things!

As a result I started working with Peter on a one-to-one basis over a period of a year. I cannot speak highly enough about how much I benefited from my monthly meetings with him. He has a powerful ability to bring out your core strengths and values whilst overlaying them with new techniques and learning. He is an inspired business coach. He works you hard but delivers outstanding results and without doubt I would recommend him to anyone wanting to develop themselves.
— Regional Manager, Ulster Bank Group

I have known Peter for many years, having seen him operate as both a facilitator and a coach. I consider Peter to be one of the best in his field. He has the ability to cut through the ‘noise’ to get straight to the core of the matter. Combined with his common sense approach and empathetic style, this makes Peter thoroughly excellent in his area of expertise. I have seen Peter’s clients benefit tangibly from working with him – which is ultimately what matters. — Senior Finance Manager, ESB Group

Just completed the Personal Quest workshop based on the hero’s journey – I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Peter has managed to construct a wonderful framework to allow us to explore where our inner light switch is located and provide the mechanism to flick that switch and illuminate the path to our calling.
Thanks Peter!

Peter has an unsurpassed ability to absorb complex scenarios, analyse them and re-structure them in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. In this way, he is lethal at getting to the heart of every problem. Once the problem has been identified, he has the skills, knowledge and dedication to help his clients work towards a solution. — Paul Quin, Acrux Beverages

Throughout my period of coaching with Peter he was always professional, discreet and above all enthusiastic. Peter used his immense skills to help me make my own decisions and come to my own conclusions. By reflecting my own thoughts back at me from a different point of view Peter led me to a number of revelations about my skills and competencies. One of Peter’s greatest talents is his ability to guide with a gentle hand, almost imperceptibly but extremely effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter as a coach or mentor to anyone wishing to develop their business and personal skills. — Kevin

When I met Peter I was just about to apply for a manager’s role. His advice helped me to not only secure the role but to excel at it. His coaching and facilitation during the ‘Making It Happen Leadership Development Programme’ has been and always will be applicable in both my professional and personal life. — Supply Chain Manager, Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals